First we would like to say a big "Thank you." We thank you for your time and consideration of our family for your little one. We also would like to say, "We admire you." You are admired for your brave and selfless decision to place your little one for adoption. We have always believed that any seemingly "bad" situation can be turned into a very "good" situation. We are a happy family of 3 waiting and ready for our family to grow!


Tennessee Family of 3 is ready to Grow!

Hello and How are you? Please take a look and see what a great family we are and how your little one would fit into our home.  We are Trae, Amber, and Abbie.

This family portrait was taken in the summer of 2009 while on vacation at the Isle of Palms in South Carolina.

Sights and sounds in our neighborhood are of children playing, lawnmowers, of bicycle bells ringing, kids swimming in the summer, and of young moms chit chatting in the streets. We love our home and feel it is large enough to accomidate a large family. Abbie's friends love coming to play at our home. Our home is very open and safe for a baby or toddler. Our nighborhood is full of young families with young children. Our neighborhood is in one of the safest areas of our city and we even have a neighborhood pool.

Here is the front of our home in Spring time.

This is a view from our back deck in the winter. The Great Smoky Mountains are the backdrop to our back yard.

Yearly family vacations are very important to us. We love to travel to places near and far.  And we make several visits a year to see extended family.

Here we are on a Disney Cruise in 2009.

Here we are at Dolphin Cay in the Bahamas.

Catching some waves on the coast of South Carolina.

Abbie meets Mickey for the first time.

Having a good time on the water in Arizona.

Both Trae and Amber grew up in Christian homes and make church membership and service a priority.  We regularly attend church and are involved in church activities.

This photo was taken of us outside of our church on an Easter Sunday.

These pictures are taken at our home away from home.  Our lake house is on one of the most beautiful lakes in East Tennessee.  We visit our lake house, which is about 45 minutes from our home, nearly every weekend during warm months.  Often we have family and friends who also have young children enjoy the lake with us.  We like to sleep late, roast marshmellows, fish, ski, swim, and relax while away at our lake house.  We plan on making many family memories here!

Trae loves to be a kid all over again.

Abbie and Amber go tubing.

Trae catches enough fish for all of us to have a good time.

Our dog Cherry even likes to go out on the boat.

We love to have a good time a year! These are photos of ug going to UT football games, building a snowman, sledding, enjoying the beach, and of us just being together.

Trae, Abbie, Amber, Aunt Johnnie, and Uncle Eric all say, "Go Vols!"

We get just enough snow to have fun where we live a couple times a year and every year we try to make a bigger snowman.

Our neighborhood has some great hills for sledding.

Amber and Abbie enjoy the warm beach!

Trae and Abbie run along the beach.

We are a family that likes to play!

Trae and Amber met in college at LSU and are a team in all aspects of life. A great plus is that Trae and Amber are best friends and crazy about each other! After nearly 9 years of marriage they share responsibilities and still love to date each other and enjoy cooking and exercising together.

This is a photo of us on our wedding day nearly 9 years later.  Trae still makes me laugh just as much!

Together forever!

This photo was a spontaneous shot and one of my favorites of our family.

Here is Abbie, our nearly 4 year old. She loves playing dress up, baking cookies, Fancy Nancy books, swimming, playing outdoors, gymnastics, and when she grows up she wants to "be a big sister!" She is very social and she will make a great big sister and love any brother or sister that joins our family!

Here is Abbie dressed for Pajama Day at her preschool.  She is bringing her favorite bedtime story, "Fancy Nancy."

Here is a photo of Abbie baking cookies for Santa.  Amber and Abbie both were covered in flour.

Abbie could play in the sand for hours.  Especially sand found on a beach.

Abbie loves to jump in the pool.

Trae earned a B.S. in Finance from LSU in 1999 and is currently a very successful Financial Advisor with his own financial firm as well as a partner and mentor in a national marketing organization. Trae desires to "be there" for his family and to work hard in order to provide in abundance. Trae enjoys golf, fishing, exercising, and sports cars.
This photo is of Trae when he was in high school.  He is an excellent golfer.

Amber earned her B.S. in Education from LSU in 2003 and received a B.S. in Nursing in 2010. Amber is in graduate school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner and also helps Trae in his business. Amber strieves to be the best wife, mother, and friend possible and desires to make a difference in the lives of others. For fun Amber enjoys reading novels, traveling, and being outdoors.

This is a photo of me when I was in high school.  Go Wildcats!

Trae's family consists of Daddy-Bob (great grandfather), Uncle Eric (brother-in-law), Aunt Johnnie (Trae's sister), Papa (grandfather), and Nonna (grandmother). Eric and Johnnie live in middle Tennessee and have a new baby girl, Adelyn. Papa and Nonna are retired teachers and live to spoil, brag on, and be involved in the lives of their kids and grandkids. Papa and Nonna live on the gulf coast, but make many trips to East Tennessee.

Trae's side of the family loves the beach.  This was also taken on vacation in South Carolina.

Here Abbie meets her brand new baby cousin, Adelyn!

Papa loves sports and time with Papa is always fun!

Every moment with Nonna is always special!

Amber's family consists of Granddaddy, Nana (grandmother), Uncle Jason (brother-in-law), Aunt April (Amber's sister), Madeline (cousin 8 years old), and Jacob (cousin 5 years old). Granddaddy and Nana also make several trips to East Tennessee. They also take time off in the summer to take all the grandkids on a kid-friendly vacation. All of Amber's family lives in South Louisiana.

Abbie, Trae, Amber, Grandaddy, Nana, Madeline, Aunt April, Uncle Jason, and Jacob in Disney World.

Cousins Madeline, Jacob, and Abbie acting silly.

Time with Nana and Granddaddy is always an adventure!

Although all of our family lives out of our town we have a whole family of friends who also have young children. We enjoy going on vacations with our family and friends and having frequent get togethers. We are a very social family, but also make plenty of time to just enjoy each other.

Our area of town is surrounded with beautiful parks, lakes, nearby shopping and entertainment. We spend most afternoons outdoors either at a park or just enjoying nature walks or bike rides in our neighborhood. Neighborhood schools are among the best within our county and state.

We enjoy being parents and having a family so much we cannot imagine our family only having 3 members. We want to adopt for several reasons. First, we are unable to conceive on our own. Second, we love children and desire to have more. We promise and commit to love our adopted child or children in the same manner we have Abbie. We commit to providing the same opportunities and lifestyle to our adopted children as if they were a part of our family from conception. Third, Abbie desires to be a big sister and will be able to easily adjust to any new additions to our family. Next, we hope to leave a lasting legacy in many ways, but especially in the life of our children. We desire to raise our children in a safe home, where mistakes are accepted, and responsibility and accountability are learned in a loving manner.  We hope to be a blessing to a birthfamily and newly adopted child.  Our adopted child's birthmother or birthfamily will be valued and held in a positive light.  We plan to share our child's adoption story with him or her from an early age and desire to describe his or her birthmother or birthfamily as very special.  Thank you again for spending time getting to know us.  Please contact our family at 865-389-7774 or email in order to find out more about how we can become a forever family for a very special little one.  Take Care and God Bless!